Escape the Heat With a New Pool! 

Landscape Fusion

Taking on building a new pool can be a rather daunting task… but in Florida, there’s nothing better than jumping in on a hot day. 

More often than not, we see customers hire a commercial pool builder to create and build their pool… and end up coming in to remedy the remaining outdoor space. Something to note when you hire a pool builder is that you’re hiring someone to do one task, and one task only. They are there to build you a pool. A lot of times, this means unforeseen costs, longer turnaround times, and an incomplete outdoor space. At Landscape Fusion we don’t look at building a pool as an individual task, but as a project in its entirety. From drainage, to surrounding landscape, we consider it all, with an end goal of providing you with the perfect outdoor space. 

What a lot of people tend to overlook is the space that you’re building the pool in to. Often times, pool builders will come in with an incredible price, without reviewing the fine print. They’ll come in, give you a standard pool, many times centered and taking up all if not most of your outdoor space, and leave not investing any more time than necessary in the design phase of the project. With our service area being exclusively in South Tampa, we are able to perfect our designs, meeting the needs of Tampa’s unique outdoor spaces. Familiarized with city codes, permits, and more, we are able to expedite the process and suggest designs that meet these codes. 

At Landscape Fusion, we are more than just a Pool Builder, we are Landscape Architects, Designers, and providers of a complete outdoor experience. Our team looks at each new project as a challenge, from pool design, to surrounding structures, outdoor kitchens, landscape, patios, fencing, lighting, and more. We leave no stone left unturned, ensuring that when we leave, your outdoor space looks just the way you envisioned it. 

Budgeting is a large part of any new home project. When it comes to estimating costs, we have it down to a science. We consider each factor of the project, from labor to materials, giving you an accurate estimate every time. We’re able to look at the project in its entirety, from start to finish, giving realistic timelines. The benefit to this, is that we are also able to work within your budget more effectively understanding that sometimes, Projects are best executed in phases over a duration of time.

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